What Does Your Favorite Animal Reveal About Your Personality?



The tiger is a wise and powerful spirit animal which encourages you to make use of proven methods to accomplish your goals. This majestic animal symbolizes patience, determination, and persistence. The tiger shows you that anything can be achieved through sheer will and hard work. If necessary the tiger can camouflage into his surroundings or stand-alone. Power and balance will be given to you by the spirit totem of the tiger when you require it the most.

Tiger powerful spirit animal

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The characteristic traits of love, serenity, and gentleness are represented by the deer. When you see a deer in your meditations, then don’t be scared as it is there to quiet your worries. The deer totem teaches you how to handle your emotions in a gentle way. The deer encourages people to gaze at the beauty of the world rather than fear it. The deer can also hear things that other creatures normally wouldn’t be able to and can sense and detect danger from long distances. The deer teaches people how to love fearlessly but remain aware at all times.

White tailed deer at sunrise

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While the bear is known to be a very powerful animal it is also very quiet. The bear gives you the strength to overcome adversity. The bear totem instills strength, courage, and fortitude. The bear represents healing in times of sickness. In moments of solitude, seeing the bear will give you confidence.

Bear powerful animal

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Snakes have long been considered to be slimy and spineless creatures. But, this is far from the truth because in the spirit world they represent energy and creation. The reptile’s willingness to adapt can clearly be seen in its ability to regenerate its skin. You are encouraged to observe yourself closely by the spiritual totem of the snake. Snakes are creatures of power who show you that it is alright to let go of sorrow. They even have a long history of worship.

The reptile

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