What Does Your Favorite Animal Reveal About Your Personality?


Human beings and animals have always had an interesting connection. Many cultures even seem to believe that an animal’s soul can interact with a human’s soul. There have been many interesting stories of how individuals actually learned to communicate with animals throughout history. Grigori Rasputin was rumored to have been able to understand and speak to horses. He also managed to calm and mount any horse he would come across.

Cesar Millan is considered to be the modern-day Rasputin. He has a remarkable ability to understand and speak to dogs. People like Cesar and Rasputin have piqued interest into why or how are certain individuals capable of understanding animals. Is it because both Cesar and Rasputin had found their true spirit animals or do their bizarre abilities stem from something else?

Animals have had a long-standing connection with human beings. This can be seen in the fact that humans have a tendency of always choosing or preferring one favorite animal. These could be their spirit animals which possess spiritual traits and characteristics that resonate with them.



The lion is a fearless animal who is the king of his domain. The spiritual traits of the lion are strength confidence, and bravery, especially in moments of doubt. The lion remains quiet and in control of his surroundings. The lion is a natural-born leader that commands respect. The lion has the ability to change the world either in a positive way or in a negative way.

Lion the fearless animal

Image Source: immediate.co.uk



The fox is characterized by speed and efficiency. The fox is the spiritual animal symbolizing confidence in difficult moments. When in stressful situations the spirit totem of the fox will allow you to be brave and cunning.

The fox forces you to confront your problems rather than run away from them and avoid them. It gives you the strength to overcome your fears and does well in the darkness because the fox welcomes the unknown.

Fox in snow

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If your favorite animal is the wolf, it can have both positive and negative traits in the spirit world. The wolf symbolizes confidence, awareness, and freedom, in good times. But, they symbolize insecurity and fear in unhappy times.


The wolf is such a creature that can live in a pack or even alone. This creature has an outstanding ability to adapt to any situation and can use his intelligence for his advantage. In moments of doubt, the wolf totem encourages people to act on instincts. The wolf is a complex and powerful spirit guide.


Image Source: www.knau.org


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