10 Unpleasant Experiences Actors of Game of Thrones Had To Go Through On and Off Set


The Television series Game of Thrones has undoubtedly been HBO’s most famous and popular project earning the production company millions and several awards both for the series and its actors. Each episode chalked up more than 20 million views and millions around the world waited eagerly for every new season. Not just the final product itself, but events surrounding the making of the production also provided much entertainment. Even the actors faced some pretty weird and interesting experiences during their association with the franchise. Here are 9 unpleasant experiences actors had to go through.

1 Just to avoid a speeding ticket, Kit Harington spilled the beans about Jon Snow’s fate

This is a pretty weird experience faced by Kit Harrington which also goes to show the extent of the obsession that people had for GOT including officers of the law. An officer flagged Harrington down for speeding and wanted to give him a ticket. He told Harrington You can either follow me back to the police station now and I book you in or you can tell me whether you live in the next series of Game of Thrones.” Harrington just had to oblige him by saying yes he was alive in the next season. Upon hearing this, the police officer allowed him to go saying, “On your way, Lord Commander.”

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2Sophie Turner didn’t wash her hair for 2 years

Sophie Turner who was last seen in the X Men Dark Phoenix also plays Sansa Stark but obviously you know that. But what you don’t know is that she had to give up all thoughts of hygiene just to stay in character.

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She gave up washing her hair

Alongwith many other actors, she had to give up shampooing her hair and the reason was that she needed to look disheveled for mainly for the episodes where she escapes from King’s Landing. Sophie even revealed in an interview ” Toward season 5 they started asking me to not wash my hair and it was really disgusting. Now I wear a wig so I can wash my hair whenever I want, which is nice. But yes, for a couple of years I was living with pretty greasy hair.”

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3Maisie Williams fell off a horse

Maisie Williams who plays Aryaa Stark revealed that she even fell off a horse during the shooting. This was during the first episodes requiring her to ride a horse and she laughs about it. In fact, most of the characters were trained in horse riding on Icelandic horses that were no bigger than ponies but that still didn’t prevent her from falling,

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She got tangled in the reins

She also recalled how once she tried getting off her horse in one scene and got tangled up in the reins instead. “It was really funny, actually. My leg was, like, caught up by my ear, and I was like, “Oh, brilliant.” Well, her character and she definitely had something in common.

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