10 Spectacular and Famous Movie Locations That Exist As Real Places


Each time you were mesmerized by the barren planet of Tatooine or that famous ancient ruins in Indiana Jones or even the most picturesque landscape in lord of the rings, did you even once look closely to see if you recognized any of these magical places. Many such movie locations exist as actual places on earth and are equally as dramatic and spectacular as seen in the movies. Here are ten famous Hollywood locations around the world.

10 Skellig Island

Not a galaxy far far away but the actual location of the climax in “Star Wars, The Force Awakens’ which was the latest movie in the Star Wars Franchise. The area is a remote Irish Island called Skellig Michael and is a craggy island in the Atlantic. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site due to its ancient monastic cells that look like stone beehives.


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9 Prague, Czech Republic

If you saw the dramatic movie Amadeus about the life of Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, then you will surely recognize Prague’s beautiful baroque and gothic-styled alleys and buildings which substituted for Vienna in the movie. It was also the location of Paris in Les Miserables, Venice and London in Casino Royale, Buckingham Palace in Shanghai Knights and the Kremlin in Mission Impossible-Ghost protocol.


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8 Huangshan, China

The landscape of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon may have looked magical and mythical but it was certainly not a set. A part of the movie was filmed in Huangshan or the Yellow Mountain. Its beautiful landscape coupled with pine trees, mist and weird rock formations made it a gorgeous backdrop for this epic martial arts movie. The surrounding bamboo groves of Hongcun village were also the location for the flying fight scenes. But! What you may not have known is that the surreal landscape of Huangshan was the location for another major Hollywood blockbuster. It was the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar.


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