15 Unlucky People Who Broke All Records Of Being In The Friendzone


The friend zone is the dread of many men and the worst nightmare of thousands of others. It is the situation you will find yourself in when a woman really likes you as a friend and nothing else. Many people have bashed this concept and called it misogynistic but it continues to be a part of movies, TV shows, and even real life.

What do you do to get into a friend zone? You treat a woman better than anyone can and know everything about her but you cannot bring yourself to tell her how you actually feel and end up being her best friend for life. This is how you end up in the friend zone.

1Even cats get friend zoned

Before we start with the humans let’s take a quick look at the felines. Yes, even cats are prone to ending up in the friend zone. This domestic house cat just wants a little love from the other who has decided she isn’t giving any. This should make you feel better if you’re in the friend zone as you aren’t the only one.

Image Source: bugaga.ru

2When you’re proud of your friendzone

Imagine you really like someone and they bring you to a place titled ‘Friend Zone’. We can only imagine how that would feel but yes, there is really a place called friendzone and they offer WiFi. We’re not sure where this place is and how to get there but we really want to go just to see the faces of the people who are brought here.

Image Source: www.teepr.com

3When you’re the third wheel

People in the friend zone will often find themselves third wheeling with their friends who are in a relationship. As you can see here, the friend in the friend zone has to be the pillar for the couple to take a cute picture. This is something often seen in groups of friends where one of them is in the friend zone.

Image Source: www.baosamong.com

4When you don’t have a makeup stand

This is another thing you will see in people stuck in the friend zone doing. They will be the helping hand to the girl. As you can see here he is the makeup stand she can place her mirror on to apply her makeup. Most guys don’t have a problem doing things like this but some have an issue with it.

Image Source: baca.co.id

5In the friend zone but don’t want to show it

This is an interesting picture that shows how some men can give the illusion of not being in the friend zone. Here the man has his own hand wrapping around his waist to make it look like she’s doing it. This image will be shown to his friends to make them feel like he’s not in the dreaded friend zone but we know the truth.

Image Source: izismile.com

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