15 Highly Interesting Historical Photos Taking You Back To Moments In Time


While there are quite a number of historical archives existing on the internet, rarely do we take time out to see them unless they are compiled into interesting articles such as these. Unkes decided to choose some of the best and interesting photographs in history to show you for your reading pleasure. Take a look at some historical pictures that take you through a walk-in time.

1 An F18 super hornet breaking the sound barrier

Well, if you live next to an army airforce base, you may have heard sonic booms but this is an image actually capturing one. The speed of sound is 343 meters per second (about 767 mph,). By that you can imagine the speed of the plane.

Image Source: redd.it


2The last moments of Hachiko

Hachiko was an Akita dog belonging to Professor Eizaburi Ueno from Shibuya in Tokyo who taught at the Imperial University in the 1920’s. The professor would walk to the local station with Hachiko who would wait there for him to return later at 3pm when they would walk back. One day the Professor suffered a stroke and didn’t make it back. The dog waited at the station everyday till it also passed away.

Image Source: weebly.com


3The first female Samurai

Even before the West found out about the Samurai, there existed the Onna Bugeisha, the female samurai. They trained in the same way as the men and also wielded special weapons designed for their size, one of which was called a Naginata. The first female samurai warrior was the Empress Jingu who was instrumental in organizing and leading the conquest of Korea in 200 AD.

Image Source: vice.com


4Louis Armstrong playing for his wife at the Pyramids of Giza

The US sent several musicians during the cold war to be goodwill ambassadors to Egypt in 1961. This iconic photo of legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong was taken back then playing for his wife Lucille with the pyramids in the background.

Image Source: www.openculture.com


5Orphan boy overjoyed at receiving a pair of shoes

The first orphanage was set up in the USA in 1729 and there were 56 by 1850. By 1900, there were 1000 orphanages throughout the country housing 100,000 children. In the 1900’s orphanages had a reputation of having appalling conditions which was very disturbing. Activists soon tried to shut them down and send the children to be adopted in foster families.

Image Source: imgur.com


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