16 Incredible Images That Look Fictional But Are Actually Real


There was a time when people spoke about strange things they saw in a faraway land or different country but no one would believe them as there was no photographic evidence. They could be telling the truth but no one would believe them.

But, thanks to modern technology and mobile phones with cameras, now we can take a picture with ease. Here are some great examples of people who took some rather unique images that look like something from fiction but are in fact real.

1The Venetian police

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We all know that Venice is located in a lagoon and hence looks perpetually flooded. Most people traverse using boats. But did you know that the police do as well? Yes, the Venetian police use speedboats to get around and it is quite hilarious to see.


Image Source: demotywatory.pl

2All shapes and sizes

The world is full of people of all shapes and sizes. This picture is the perfect thing to prove that. Here are cheerleaders and basketball players standing beside each other. You might be wondering, how can there be such a difference in size. That all depends on our genes and who our parents are.


Image Source: twimg.com

3An explosion…of light

At first glance, you may have thought this was a picture of an explosion. But upon closer inspection, you will realize that there is no explosion here. The light from the sun has been focused on the peak of the mountain in such a way that it resembles an explosion.


Image Source: www.coreyfishes.com/

4A moment before erupting

Geysers are natural hot water supplies in the earth. Due to lava vents, it heats up the groundwater, causing it to erupt. People often visit geysers to see the sights or to enjoy a natural hot bath. Here are the Strokkur geyser moments before erupting. Notice the gorgeous blue color that looks like something from outer space.


Image Source: baomoi.com


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