15 Images Where Logic Is Not To Be Found


Have you ever seen a container of ice cream with cold medicines attached? Have you ever seen sofa covers made of actual denim jeans? Have you ever seen a washing machine mounted right into the wall? If all your answers were no, this list is for you.

If you spend hours online there are chances of you coming across some truly ridiculous images and we have saved you the time by collecting some of the strangest ones we could find.  There is no logic in the following images and everything is just left to your imagination to understand and figure out.

1Healthy ice cream?

Was this ice cream created for people who are feeling sick but still want some ice cream? It comes with its cold medicine which is a really sweet touch. Many people do fall ill while having a lot of ice cream so, it’s good to see the caterers taking care and providing cold medicine along with their ice cream.

Image Source: twimg.com

2When your sandals aren’t safe

You got to wonder what kind of world we live in where our sandals aren’t safe? A world where a person needs to put a cycle lock on them to protect them from prying eyes. This is some really extreme sandal care. This is one anti-theft measure we will not be using in public.

Image Source: webcuriosos.com.br

3How not to use denim

Don’t get us wrong – we love denim but this is not how you’re supposed to use it. I mean does anyone looking at these sofa and couch covers feel the need to have them in your living room? Not to mention the fact they look like they were made from jeans.

Image Source: twimg.com

4When you really hate germs

This image is best described as when you really hate germs. There are plastic socks that you get if you’re a doctor to use on your feet, similar to the gloves they wear but who has time for that? We do admire this person’s hygiene and safety habits to prevent the spread of diseases.

Image Source: dorar.at

5Washing machine wall

Wait, what? This was our first reaction to this washing machine inside a wall. We honestly thought it was some kind of makeshift safe but then realized what we were actually looking at. We’re guessing there was some spacing issue in this small house that led to this ingenious idea.

Image Source: pikabu.ru

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