15 Of the Funniest Finalist Entries of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


11Territory marking area. Walk at your own risk

Now this seems a hilarious picture by Tilakraj Nagaraj and also a potential winner. It shows a rhinoceros passing a spray pf urine in what may be a marking of his territory or just doing his business and this little guy may have gone to close and been sprayed too but what’s weird is that he doesn’t seem to flinch or maybe the photo appears like that.

Image Source: pikabu.ru

12Monday morning blues

Here is another classic shot of a bear by Eric Fisher is such a pose that it seems unbelievable. It also appears as if the animal is so fed up of photographers that he seems to be saying “oh no not again, what is it with these people”


Image Source: independent.co.uk

13How hilarious

Now this photo of a seal truly reflects the essence of the comedy wildlife awards and it seems that this seal is such a happy animal that we really need to listen to the message the organizers want us to promote and that is conservation so animals like this guy can remain happy. The photo was taken by Lloyd Durnham.


Image Source: boredpanda.com

14Space Man

Now this is another comical photograph by veteran wildlife photographer Roie Galitz. It is titled spaceman but it looks more as if this monkey covered in ice is practicing some serious ice skating moves for the animal Olympics.


Image Source: tinhte.vn

15Laughing Zebra

Here’s another hilarious shot of two laughing zebra taken by photographer Peter Haygarth and once again it shows that animals are happy in their habitat as long as it stays that way and we should do our bit for conservation of this great planet.


Image Source: imgur.com


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