7 Comics Showing Huge Difference Between Recent Past and Present Are Damn Relatable


Change is the law of nature and we all have to accept it, whether we like it or not. You can easily find a lot of difference in a number of things around you from the time you were a child and now when you have grown up or have kids too. The stuffs that you found interesting or attractive as a kid might not lure your children; however, you’ll always be nostalgic about them and have a special feeling. Nevertheless, one cannot deny the idea that development and advancement in technology have brought the changes that people in past couldn’t even think of.

1Change is inevitable

There are some changes that have made our lives easier and more comfortable than it used to be in the recent past; however, several others remind us of the golden past and for a moment, we wish to go back in time to relive that era.

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Here are 7 comics that beautifully show these differences and you will surely be able to relate with them:

2Break-ups don’t require you to meet friends:

In the recent past, if you had to break friendship with a person, you actually had to meet him/her and tell the reason as to why you had come to this decision or even if you don’t cite the reason, you at least had to face that friend.


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3Social media is the solution:

Things have now changed a lot and if you don’t like a friend’s activity or anything about him/her, you can simply unfriend the person on social media without having to meet them. Sometimes we are very angry or upset with someone and just don’t want to see his/her face, this comes as a good option in such cases.


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4Quality of footwear:

There is no doubt that quality of things used to be superior and much better in the recent past in comparison to the products manufactured today. If you just take a look at the comic, you can easily observe the difference; people generally had just a pair of footwear or two that used to last for as long as a decade and the user also paid attention to their maintenance.


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5Quantity is preferred over quality:

However presently, people buy many pairs of shoes of a large variety in a single year but don’t maintain them properly or rather the footwear is not of so good quality and loses its shine quite early. Well, the emphasis should be laid on quality in place of quantity. Agree?



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