12 Answers to Daring Questions about Women Most Men Are Afraid To Ask


There are many women around the world who feel that the way they act or speak is easily interpreted accurately by men but that’s not the case. Men usually find it puzzling about the way women do the things they do. Irrespective of putting on makeup, doing their hair or going the toilet, most actions are fund to be confusing to men and many will often be tempted to ask the question why. Here are 12 such questions that men can’t find the courage to ask women but they want to know the reason why.

1Why women spend so much time putting on makeup but ultimately look like they didn’t?

Most women possess umpteen cosmetic products to make them look good and younger. What men don’t understand is that there are 3 stages to skincare and makeup. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. These take up time and effort and cannot be done hurriedly. They can put on makeup only after the skincare routine.

This is also the reason why women end up looking natural after applying a minimum amount of makeup and spending 30 minutes in a bathroom in front of a mirror. Every woman would wish she could get her makeup on in a second by snapping her fingers but that is not the case. A woman’s natural look is a combo of skincare, a good skin tone, concealed red spots, scars, blemishes and skin flaws, and of course well-defined lips and eyes. You may not see it but it is actually there.


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2Why do they end up looking like a totally different person?

A woman’s collection will consist of serums, lotions, creams, mascaras, powders, primers and various types of powder. Everyday a new product is created by the cosmetic industry with tall claims that it can dramatically change the looks of millions of users worldwide. Thus a woman can’t be blamed for experimenting and applying extra makeup just because she wants to look different as the product says.


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3Why do women get so much satisfaction out of cuddling?

Women love a bit of cuddling and no one can be excluded from this rule. It is absolutely magical for any woman to sit curled up in front of a TV with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine and her husband or boyfriend cuddling her. The reason is very simple. Women like a feeling of security because cuddling also induces support, comfort, a feeling of sharing personal space and the feeling of being loved. Did you know cuddling also increases one of the feel-good hormones oxytocin that studies have linked to bonding and other positive feelings.


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4Why do women go to the bathroom in groups?

Quite a number of men will be bothered by this question and mature women don’t often do such things, it is younger women who love going to the bathroom in groups for several reasons, gossip for one is a big factor, then there is security and above all it is to apply makeup, discuss looks and boyfriends too. There are some women who don’t even feel the need to go to the bathroom but suddenly feel the urge as soon as someone in their groups suggests it. It isn’t about assistance but it also could be to borrow some makeup accessories or makeup itself.


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