15 Controversial Actors Casting In Biopics That Left A Good Impression


Casting a lead actor or actress in a biopic is a very tough job. The actor or actress must resemble the famous historical person they are playing to some extent. Most biopics today see the main actor or actress being covered with makeup. But, it is a tough job to pretend to be someone who existed in our world. The actors have to mimic the voice and movements of the person they are portraying. Not all biopic casting goes unnoticed. Sometimes the casting can cause controversy.

1Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez transitioned from the small screen to the silver screen by playing the role of ‘Selena’ in the biopic of the singer. She became a huge hit in Hollywood and soon a household name thanks to this role. There was some backlash as Jennifer Lopez wasn’t Mexican but this did not stop the talented actress from hitting the role out of the ballpark.

Jennifer Lopez

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2Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer stunned audiences with his portrayal of Jim Morrison. The now legendary and iconic lead singer of the band ‘The Doors’ had passed away at the age of 27 in 1971. The movie wasn’t a smash hit on release and failed to impress the critics. But, as time passed the movie gained a huge following and now this role is considered to be one of Val Kilmer’s best performances.

Val Kilmer

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3Christopher Eccleston

Many people may not know of the 2010 television biographical film based on the life of iconic singer John Lennon. It starred Christopher Eccleston as John Lennon. He did not look exactly like Lennon but the movie was well received and gave a deeper insight into the mind of a lost soul.

Christopher Eccleston

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4Alberto Testone

For the 2019 movie, ‘Sin’ director Andrey Konchalovskiy needed an actor who closely resembled the famous sculptor and painter of the Renaissance Michelangelo. This was quite hard as they wanted someone who looked like the artist even without makeup. They found what they were looking for in up and coming to actor Alberto Testone who was brand new to the industry.

Alberto Testone

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5Taron Egerton

‘Eddie the Eagle’ was a 2016 British biographical sports comedy-drama movie. It starred Taron Egerton as Michael Edwards who in 1988 became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping since 1928. The role was perfect for the young actor who brilliantly played the real-life sportsman even though many disagreed with the casting.

Taron Egerton

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