11 Valuable Pieces of Advice That Can Save Your Life From Dangerous Situations


NO one wants to find themselves in a dark alley; neither would you want to find yourself in circumstances that can be a dangerous situation for your life. But that being said, sometimes, fate plays cruel tricks and it would be wise to know about ways and means to protect y99urself when the moment comes. Situations do not have to be life-threatening but sometimes having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere can be very inconvenient. Here are some useful pieces of advice to apply in various life situations that could be for your benefit and quite helpful.

1 When someone tries to take you away by force, ’lose’ some personal belongings on the spot

This is a clever piece of advice. If in case suddenly someone tries to push you inside a car, then start dropping personal things as if by accident. Try to drop as much as possible, except of course your mobile phone because you never know, you may get a chance to use it. Dropping personal items are like clues for the police to be able to locate you and find you later.

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2If you are in an elevator with a criminal, here’s what you should do

If you find yourself stuck in an elevator with a criminal, then they simply press the buttons for every floor. This will either help you to run away because of the doors opening at every floor or you could also signal to people waiting for the elevator. It can also confuse the criminal.

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2How to understand when a storm is coming

If you want to know if a storm is coming, then just shake up any drink and then pour it into a glass. If the bubbles start spreading to the sides, it indicates good weather but if the bubbles inch closer to the center, then it indicates a storm is coming. If you’re wondering how this is possible, then it’s a simple explanation. This is because of the effect of atmospheric pressure on the bubbles in the glass. The bubbles get dispelled by high pressure making them move towards the edges which means sunny weather. Low pressure makes them remain in the center indicating rain or a storm.

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