14 Useful Tips and Hacks to Solve Your Problems in Summer


10How to keep your underarms dry

This is one of the cleverest summer hacks to keep your underarms dry. All women know how excessive sweating underarms can be really uncomfortable, ruin clothes and also give you an odor. If you are wearing a T-shirt and don’t want those wet underarms, just slip in a panty liner in the underarm part of the T-shirt but the sleeves should be long enough to hold it and make it invisible. Also, do not apply this in a transparent T-shirt.

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11If you caught too much sun

Sometimes you may stay out in the longer than usual without noticing and get too heated. Your face is red and so are parts of your body. To cool yourself down, here is what you can do. Take an ice cube and rub it on your inner elbow bend, wrist and along the nape of your neck. Ice is extremely effective in those areas where the large blood vessels pass and this is the neck, wrist and elbow. You will cool down faster.


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12Aloe vera ice for sunburn

When you are in the sun for too long and don’t keep track of time, you will definitely get sunburn but here is the best natural remedy for it. While aloe vera is excellent for sunburn the best way to use it is to keep aloe vera gel in ice trays and freeze it. The aloe ice cubes will bring even better relief to the sunburnt areas of your body.


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13Keep your bra from falling down

All women love wearing strapless tops in summer with strapless bras but then how do you keep your bra from falling down because summer makes your body all sticky. It’s simple, just line with some special glue that will let your bra stick better and you won’t have to be in an awkward position again.


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14Darker foundation in summer

A summer tan cannot be avoided but then it isn’t practical to purchase a new shade of foundation when you have a tan. Just add some liquid bronzer to your foundation before applying it but blend it well and you will have the same matching shade as your skin.


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