12 Strange Tips but Really Effective Tips to Help You Look More Beautiful


You can find a whole lot of suggestions and advice on the internet on how to become more attractive. However, not all of these beauty tips can prove to be effective when it comes to helping you attain your goal of nailing that stellar appearance. But, there are certain life hacks which might seem like unusually strange beauty tips that can genuinely surprise you in how useful they can be. Give them a try and see for yourself how they actually work.

1To contour your nose, use a fork

Contouring is one of the widely used beautification techniques that can visually change the shape of your nose. It can make your nose appear more slender and attractive. It involves highlighting the ridge of the nose along its length with a lighter color while darkening the wings.


  • Use a fork to make your contour lines smooth and symmetrical.
To contour your nose

Image Source: ladbible.com


2To create a new lip outline, use a concealer

If your lips have a naturally blurred outline or if your lips are too narrow to wear dark lipsticks, you just need to use a concealer. Using a concealer will easily rectify this situation and help you create a new lip outline.


  • With a concealer trace your lip outline. Erase the natural contours and then start doing the shading.
  • If the concealer dries up, draw a new lip contour which slightly oversteps the natural one with a bright pencil. However, don’t overdo it and make your lips appear too large.
To create a new lip outline

Image Source: brightside.me


3To create false eyelashes effect, use baby powder

Baby powder can provide you with a simple and inexpensive solution for achieving and pulling off a false eyelashes effect. As strange as this may seem, this is one of the many unusual beauty tips that actually work.


  • Apply only a single layer of mascara on your eyelashes.
  • With a Q-tip, arm yourself and start applying the baby powder onto your eyelashes.
  • Finally apply another layer of mascara onto your lashes.
To create false eyelashes effect

Image Source: znews-photo.zadn.vn


4To quickly conceal dark circles under your eyes, use red lipstick

When you need to quickly get rid of dark circles under your eyes, using a concealer won’t be enough to do the trick. For this beauty bloggers have suggested using red lipstick. But, it has also been advised to not overuse this method as it can damage the sensitive skin around your eyes.


  • Apply the red lipstick to the “arches” beneath your eyes carefully.
  • Shade it but stop short of reaching your eyelashes.
  • Shade each layer by applying two layers of concealer and allow it to dry.
  • Powder everything over once the concealer dries.
To quickly conceal dark circles

Image Source: ytimg.com


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