13 Scents That Repel Mosquitoes and Keep Them Away From You


9Juniper branches

Thinking of having a get together with friends in your garden but worried about the menace created by the mosquitoes, then you just need to arrange for a small bonfire and juniper branches. If you drop some juniper branches in the bonfire, no mosquito will trouble you or your friends as the smoke will not let them come nearby.

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Garlic may have many health benefits but there is no doubt that it has a pretty bad odor. Mosquitoes can get repelled even if the person consumes it but if someone is not able to eat it then it can be cut into pieces and spread those pieces in the outdoor area to repel mosquitoes.


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The mint scent is also not liked by the mosquitoes and if you have peppermint plants in your garden then you can be assured that mosquitoes won’t be troubling you. You can also crush the leaves and rub on your skin which will make mosquitoes run far away from you.


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Mosquitoes are not able to bear the smell of beautiful purple flowers and they will stay away from you if lavender is planted in your house. Lavender oil can be applied on the body or it can be used to make spray. These flowers will not only beautify your surroundings as well as save you from mosquitoes.


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The beautiful yellow flowers have a pungent smell which is strongly disliked by the mosquitoes. In order to stop mosquitoes from going inside the house, these flowers can be placed in the vase. These flowers will not only bring vibrancy in your house but also kick out mosquitoes and many other insects from your house.


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