13 Scents That Repel Mosquitoes and Keep Them Away From You



The smell of eucalyptus is also pretty powerful and it can trouble the mosquitoes in letting them find their food source. Not just the eucalyptus plant, its oil is also very helpful in getting rid of mosquitoes, along with tick, sand flies, etc. A person can apply the oil directly on the skin in order to save himself from the mosquitoes and other insects.

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6Brew of wheatgrass roots

Wheatgrass roots were also used by people to get rid of mosquitoes in earlier times. A good amount of finely chopped wheatgrass roots should be heavily boiled to such an extent that brew turns light yellow in color. If a person washes his face and hands with this brew, no mosquito or insect will come near to him.


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7Brew of sage grass

Just like the brew of wheatgrass, the brew of sage grass is also pretty effective. The chopped roots of sage grass need to be boiled in water for quite good time such as 15-20 minutes and then after it cools down, the person can wash his face and hands with and not even a single insect will come near to that person.


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8Cedar oil

Cedar oil may smell nice to humans but for mosquitoes it is life-threatening. It is being said that if a mosquito comes near cedar oil, then there are good chances that the mosquito will lose its life. Cedar oil is very harmful for the eggs and larvae of mosquitoes as well and for other insects also.


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