13 Scents That Repel Mosquitoes and Keep Them Away From You


There are many types of insects that may cause trouble for the humans but it won’t be wrong to say that the biggest problem for the human beings is a mosquito. It not only sucks our blood but also acts as a carrier of viruses of various diseases, some of which may be life-threatening as well.

The good thing is that there are many products in the market which are mosquito repellant however some of them are not good for health as they contain chemicals. There is no doubt that going green or using natural products is the best solution for repelling mosquitoes, here are some scents that mosquitoes hate:

1Basil leaves

Basil is an herb which is used not only for enhancing the taste of the food but also for keeping the mosquitoes away. The basil leaves can be crushed or chopped and spread in the house to get the best results while the other option is that a person can rub the crushed leaves on his body parts to repel the mosquitoes.


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2Vanilla Powder

Vanilla extract is also a good option for repelling mosquitoes but using pure vanilla is a better option. Vanilla powder can be mixed with baby lotion in a ratio of 1:10 and it can be rubbed on the body parts which will remain open in order to save yourself from mosquitoes while the powder can be dissolved in water also and it can be sprayed on the skin and clothes as well.


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The smell of cloves is not liked by the mosquitoes so what you can do is that boil 5 g cloves in a glass of water for 15 minutes and add the brew in cologne in a very small quantity. Rub it all over your open body parts and no mosquito will even try to come near you.


Another easy method to use cloves for getting rid of mosquitoes is to use it with lemon. Mosquitoes don’t like citrus smell, so you can cut a lemon into half and press 10-12 cloves in each half piece. Place them in your room and you will see that mosquitoes won’t be troubling you anymore.

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4Shampoo, vinegar and cooking oil

Using these three products – shampoo, vinegar and cooking oil, a solution can be made which is pretty effective in repelling mosquitoes. These three products need to be mixed in equal quantities and it should be stirred until the white foam is formed.

This mixture can be sprayed on the body or can be left open after pouring it in a container. The smell of vinegar will play a good role in scaring away the mosquitoes and other insects, however, the good part is that this mixture is not harmful for kids and can be used by them as well.


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