15 Marvelous Design Ideas That Make Us Scream With Excitement


Our house is our favorite place because this is one place where everything is kept or made as per our desire. We have seen many examples in which people have used their creativity in order to make their house a better place to live. Our requirements and needs keep increasing with time but it is not possible to make changes in our house all the time. In order to fulfill the requirements without making many changes in the house, these 15 people have come up with some great products and ideas and they are also showing us how to make optimum utilization of the space that we have.

1 The wonderful drainage system

The utensils are kept in the dish rack after they are washed but the water which drops from them creates a mess. If such drainage system is installed in the kitchen then there will be no problem because of the water and there will be no need of dish rack as well.

Image Source: wtvideo.com


2A perfect bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most important places of our house but usually they get ignored when the whole house is getting designed. This is a perfect example to show that even if your bathroom is small in area, if it is designed properly, it will not only look beautiful but it will also give comfortable experience.

Image Source: breastultrasound.org


3Perfect product for the owner and his pet

This product is one of those products which can be used not just by the owner but also by the pet. The owner can put his belongings or show pieces on the surface of this cage while the pet can take rest and get cozy inside this cage-box. It can also be used to lock the pet inside if the owner needs to do it for some reason.

Image Source: sayarak.com


4Modern look with countryside feeling

If you want to blend the modern look with the feeling of countryside then you can use the wooden architecture with the modern and colorful designs of today. Here we can see that creativity is at its best and no one will be able to forget this design after seeing it once.

Image Source: tophir.hu


5Wonderful drying rack

This drying rack is very useful as it can be fixed indoors at a location where the sun rays are received in good amount. It is pretty helpful for those who have to go for work as they can dry their clothes in such a location and they can be sure that even weather changes and it rains, nothing happens to their clothes.

Image Source: vasi.net


6Give your stairs a mesmerizing look

You can give your stairs a mesmerizing look by adding a poster of a city on the stairs. Here in this photo, the poster of Venice city is added to the stairs and it looks so real as if we are in that city. We are sure this will add a new dimension to your house.

Image Source: www.pinterest.com


7Save space by keeping shoes like this

There is no doubt that shoes require a lot of space for storing and a person should also be careful while keeping them as they are delicate and costly. However, a shoe rack which is fixed in the door can solve all the problems as it will result in keeping shoes in order and solves the space problem as well.

Image Source: brightside.me


8Over-the-door towel rack

This over-the-door towel rack is one of the best products that everyone should have in their house as it not only makes it easier for us to keep things but it also saves space. Mostly such racks are placed on the bathroom doors but people can place them at any other door as well as per their requirement.

Image Source: boom.ms

9Give your house a third-dimensional look

Nowadays, there are many options available to make your house look beautiful and unique. You can give a third-dimensional look to your house by using 3-D posters which look absolutely real. In this photo, one such poster is fixed on the floor and it is really frightening, isn’t it?


Image Source: pinimg.com

10Foldable multi-purpose rack

This foldable multi-purpose rack can be used for different purposes such as for hanging clothes or even for keeping potted plants. The best part is that it is foldable and can be hanged within seconds and it is so easy to fix it that even a young kid can do it.

Image Source: tophir.hu


11Be creative in placing hooks

This wall storage shelf gives independence to the users in placing hooks as per their requirement and they can even use their creativity in making designs. In this manner, they not only keep their items safe but also polish their creative skills.

Image Source: telegraf.com.ua

12Bed for dogs under your bed

Many dog lovers like to keep their dogs near them even while sleeping, however sleeping on same bed can be harmful for health. You can still keep your dogs near to you by using this bed which has space underneath to accommodate your dogs as well.


Image Source: mainfun.ru

13Add different colors to your house

You can also make your house look beautiful and different by using tiles of different color and shapes in different parts of the house. There are many types of floor and wall tiles available in the market and you can every room a different meaning by choosing different tiles and by fixing them in different designs.

Image Source: instagram.com


14Cupboard towel hanger

Clean towels are very much needed while working in the kitchen and one of the problems that a person faces is where to keep such towels so they can be found easily. These cupboard towel hangers can come in handy for this purpose as they can be removed when they are not needed which makes them space efficient as well.

Image Source: adme.ru

15Over the door drying rack

Drying clothes in rainy season is one of the biggest problems that everyone faces but this over the door drying rack can help in this matter to a great extent. It can be fixed easily and can be removed when it is not required.


Image Source: thematicnews.com


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