12 Life Hacks from the Past That Are Still Effective Today


Grandparents have the knowledge and experience of doing daily chores and even being able to predict the weather without using modern technologies. Forget about the internet, it was unheard of at the time. The present and younger generations are pretty skeptical about the old methods used and there are some hacks which can give a head start in many modern methods. Here are 12 such life hacks passed down generation to generation that were pretty simple but very effective, and time saving too.

1If something got stuck in your eye

If you feel something is stuck in your eye and you’re having difficulty in taking it out, you can remove the particle and get relief by using this simple remedy. You would only need a pointed end paintbrush and castor oil. You have to apply some drops to the brush and let a few drop fall in the corner of your eye. Take advice from an ophthalmologistbefore carrying out this remedy. Don’t force the oil to drop and avoid sticking the brush into your eye.

If something got stuck in your eye

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2How to remove splinters

It can be really hard to remove splinters as they are painful and really small. There’s an old trick which can help you take them out with very less pain. Pour hot water into a wide mouthed bottle. It should cover the brim and then press the bottle gently on the injured area. A vacuum effect will be produced which will pull your flesh down and with the help of steam will remove the splinter.

How to remove splinters

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3Pick up glass pieces

You can pick up broken pieces of glass with a vacuum cleaner, although it may not be very helpful. Using a soft damp cloth is recommended because it will pick up the smallest of pieces and after using it, you can throw the cloth away so the chances of cutting yourself will be less.

Pick up glass pieces

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4Remove stains

You can remove the stain on maybe your favoritemug without having to use chemicals. You have to apply some salt on a lemon peel and keep rubbing the stain with it until it goes away. The lemon helps in getting rid of the stain and grease even as it gives a nice odor while salt acts as gentle exfoliator.

Remove stains

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