12 Incredible Ways You Can Use Tea Bags in Daily Life


9For treating minor injuries

When you have kids at home, it won’t be uncommon to see bruises and scratches on them daily. It would be easier and more effective to deal with the swelling, redness, and pain by applying a cold bag of black tea on the injuries and wounds.

Tea bags for treating minor injuries

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10For reducing puffiness and red-eye

It’s not uncommon to wake up with red eyes or puffy eyes when you don’t get enough sleep at night. But this can easily be remedied with just your teabag from your morning tea. The wonderful uses of teabags include reducing puffiness and red-eyes of a sleep-deprived person. Simply cold compress your eyes with green tea teabags to make them appear normal again.

For reducing puffiness and red-eye

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11To ease sore nipples after breastfeeding

One of the most wonderful bonding moments between a mother and her baby is breastfeeding. However, it doesn’t mean that breastfeeding is always painless. The nipples can turn sore and painful from continuous feeding. When this happens, peppermint tea can come in useful to ease sore and cracked nipples. Prepare a warm peppermint tea teabag, compress it, and apply it gently.

To ease sore nipples after breastfeeding

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12For cleaning glass and mirrors

Tea can be used to prepare a fantastic solution for cleaning glass and mirrors. Just add two black teabags to 1 one cup of boiling water. Then allow the tea to cool completely. Once it’s cool, immerse a soft cloth into the tea solution. Take out the cloth and wring out the excess tea and then use it to clean your glass and mirrors. After cleaning them with the soaked cloth, wipe them down with another dry cloth.

For cleaning glass and mirrors

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