11 Excellent Reasons Every Gardener Should Be Using Epson Salt


5Sweet fruit

You want your batch of cantaloupes, melons or peaches to be sweetest in the neighbourhood? Well you can have them as sweet as you like only if you sprinkle the salt on the crops and around the soil every 2 weeks and you’ll be rewarded with the most sweet and syrupy strawberries and oranges and other fruits in the block.

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6Revitalize the leaves

Many times, you must have noticed that the leaves of seemingly healthy plants turn yellow and start crumbling from the sides. This could be due to extreme sun exposure or magnesium deficiency. Just sprinkle some Epsom salt or rub in the affected areas of the leaf and they would regenerate back.


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If you have big trees in your back yard which are old or for some reason rotting just drill 8 inches hole in the stump and stuff it with Epsom salt and water to make a thick paste inside the hole and cover the hole with some dirt or soil. This works especially well on palm trees or any other tree for that matter and they will stop rotting.


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It’s an absolute delight for every rose admirer and the gardener to see how Epson salt affects the colour of the roses. Just sprinkle 1 tbsp of this salt on the rose beds once a month or mix1/2 cup of Epsom salt with a gallon of water and spray it on the rose bushes at least twice a month and see the different shades of roses growing from the same bunch.


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