11 Excellent Reasons Every Gardener Should Be Using Epson Salt


We all know Epson salt is famous for its versatility as it has many uses be it in cooking or its many medicinal value and its invaluable even in horticulture. Yes, you heard it right Epson salts can be greatly useful in gardening too. Since it’s rich in magnesium sulphate and has high sulphur content it is useful for plant growth and therefore a must need for gardening. Therefore, do not be surprised to see professional gardeners using or storing a big amount of Epson salts in the gardening sheds because its eco-friendly as well as gentle to the plants too. Here are few of its great advantages in the garden.

1Pest control

If you sprinkle some Epsom salts in the flower beds or the top soil of your garden you’ll realise that the wraths of snails, slugs and groundhogs have vanished completely. An even better way to achieve this aim is to mix the salt with some water in any spray jar and spray on leaves and flowers of the plants to keep them safe from any sort of pest attack.

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2Green lawns

All successful gardeners endorse this theory. If you want your garden grass to look fresh and vibrant green always and feel soft and velvety, just keep sprinkling the Epson salt all across the patch regularly either by hand or a seed sprinkler and notice the change yourself.

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3Kill weeds

Ask any gardener and they’ll agree that weeds are their single biggest enemy for which they are always on constant look out. Well there is solution for that too now. Mix 1 gallon of white vinegar with 2 cups of Epson salts and 1/4th cup of dish soap and spray it on the weeds directly. Now the soap helps the salt to stick to the weeds and it slowly dehydrates them and kills them. Just make sure the vinegar must have at least 10% of acidity in it.

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4Bigger tomato and pepper yield

If you plan to grow big and juicy red tomatoes and bright green, big peppers then you’ll need Epson salt in your arsenal. Sprinkle the pots or soil beds where you intend to grow these fruits or if already planted then toss some of the salts on the base near the roots. The Amount can be easily calculated for a 1tbsp for each foot of the plant and then water the plants and the grounds around it immediately afterwards so that the salt percolates deep inside the soil. Repeat after every 2 weeks. Alternatively mix 2 tbsp Epsom salt with 1 gallon of water and spray it all over these plants and see them produce amazing tomatoes and peppers.

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