8 Reasons Why Cleaning Frequently Is Actually Very Bad For You


5Chemicals for unclogging pipes

Clogged pipes are something we cannot avoid no matter how hard we try. And the only way to unclog them is by using chemicals. There are no natural remedies that can be used to unclog pipes. This is because the chemicals used in these products dissolve the matter clogging the pipes.

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Better alternatives

Most pipe cleaning products contain sodium hydroxide. This is a very dangerous chemical and the fumes produced can cause irritation. The best way to get around this issue and stay safe is by using gloves while handling them and leaving the room for a couple of hours and keeping it ventilated.

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6Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are used in every household today as they make our work so much easier. They help us clean our floors and even get to hard to reach areas with ease. They are also super easy to handle so, why not use them? Because some models release dust particles while being switched on, that get dispersed into the air which we breathe in.

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Better alternatives

There is no other alternative to using vacuum cleaners other than doing the work yourself by hand. But what you can do is use models that come equipped with HEPA-filters. These filter the air being released by the vacuum meaning there is no dust or bacteria being released through the cleaner.

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