8 Reasons Why Cleaning Frequently Is Actually Very Bad For You


If you go to your kitchen or your utility closet and look around you are bound to find a few cleaning products. If you read their labels you will notice that they contain a ton of chemicals and as we know chemicals are bad for us. But, what about the chemicals used in these products? These chemicals are the worst as they cause skin, eye and lung irritation along with other problems.

So, how do you get around these issues? We just can’t stop using these products. Yes, in many cases we can stop using the chemical cleaners and use natural alternatives.

1Window cleaners

We all need window cleaners because who likes dirty, stained windows? But the biggest issue with window cleaners is that they contain ammonia which is used in them as a disinfectant. This helps get rid of the stains much faster but there is a negative side effect to it. Ammonia is very harmful to the lungs and throat. It also causes irritation to the eyes and skin.

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Better alternative

You can easily clean any glass surface with soapy water followed with a dry and clean cloth. If there are stains which are proving to be harder to remove then you can easily use regular alcohol or even cooking vinegar. These two by themselves are a great alternative to window cleaners and they both are safe to use.

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2Laundry detergents

Thanks to our lazy lifestyles and the advancements in technology, laundry detergents have become a huge market today with sales that have grown by 40% since 1985. But did you know the negative side effects of it? Firstly, the fabrics get worn out much quicker these days and secondly, people have had allergic reactions to the laundry fumes from the detergents.

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Better alternative

The best way to get around this problem is to wash your fabrics a few times instead of every day. Bed linens can be washed every 2 weeks. You can wear your shirts for several days in a row. As a matter of fact, the CEO of Levi’s, Chip Bergh was quoted saying that he hadn’t washed his jeans in 10 years.

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