11 Fast Beauty Hacks for Busy Women That Save Your Day


4Elegant lips

To make your lips seem fuller there is one simple and easy tip which only takes 15 seconds to create. First, apply your regular lipstick and then use a lighter shade of lip liner to color the central part of your upper and lower lip. Swipe left to right with your brush and blend the edges out. In doing so, you will be creating a gradient look. With the addition of a little lip gloss, you can have your lips looking sexy and sumptuous.

Elegant lips

Image Source: women.mthai.com


It’s not necessary that you shouldn’t get creative when choosing your hairstyle just because you happen to be a business lady. To accentuate both your business-like attitude and the exquisite beauty of your hair you should try some easy and elegant hairdos. But, when you need to look more casual, a few minutes is all it will take to let your hair down to meet your requirement.

Hair Designs

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6Ideal eyebrows

Everybody loves to have good looking eyebrows but few have the time or money to maintain their eyebrows. But, it turns out there are beauty hacks which can help you get the ideal eyebrow design. It’s really simple because you need to carefully brush up your eyebrows and then outline them, after which you can fill them with color. For a more radiant look, you can apply some highlighter just below the eyebrow line.

Ideal eyebrows

Image Source: makataka.ru

7Dramatic eye

There are many ways to make your eyelashes look fluffy, but apply only one layer of mascara and use a medium-length makeup brush to go over the lashes with skin powder. However, be careful while doing this so that you don’t get powder into your eyes. Apply a second layer of mascara. Bending the brush at a 45° angle will make this easier.

Dramatic eye

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