11 Fast Beauty Hacks for Busy Women That Save Your Day


People nowadays spend most of their time in a hurry to do this or that or go somewhere. Life is no bed of roses in this 21st century. Due to such hectic lifestyle women have almost no time to take care of their skin or consistently follow a proper skincare routine.

For this reason, here are 11 beauty hacks for women which can make them look stunning without having to spend much on expensive beauty products.

1 Flawless skin

When you don’t get enough sleep and the signs are clearly visible on your face, then try out beauty hacks which involve using makeup to make you look fresh. Such tips can come in handy, especially as a cheat sheet.

Flawless skin

Image Source: brightside.me

2Hollywood cat eye look

It isn’t difficult to create the impeccable Hollywood cat-eye look. All you need to do is draw a line from the outer corner of your eye towards the end of your eyebrow or your temple. The length of the line depends on what you prefer. Draw another line on the second eye and check for symmetry.


You can draw a couple of dashes over the line with the help of eyeliner. This will help you create an ideal contour without smudges. Draw a smooth, straight line to connect the dots. A makeup remover pen can be used to make the lines sharper and clean up any imperfections.

Hollywood cat eye look

Image Source: pinimg.com


3Stunning eye-shadow

Wash your face in the morning to remove any excess oils and pay close attention to your lids. To avoid eye-shadow smudges, apply a special foundation primer. By applying it correctly you can prevent any makeup imperfections. If you want the color of your eye-shadow to be deeper, you can do it by applying a light eye pencil first.

Stunning eye-shadow

Image Source: www.prettydesigns.com


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