15 Traditions of Different Countries and Cultures That Take the Entire World By Surprise


11Throwing your furniture out of the window, South Africa

This is one more weird tradition that takes place in South Africa which has remained ever since the end of apartheid. The tradition requires people to throw their furniture out of the window onto the street on New Year’s Eve to usher in the New Year to bring in good luck.  The tradition is also monitored by extra police to prevent any injuries.

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12Business meetings in a sauna, Finland

In Finland, there is the nicest way to have business meetings and healthy too. It is a tradition for such meetings to take place in a sauna where both business and politics may be discussed. It is usual for politicians and businessmen to go to a sauna to discuss and have meetings in a relaxed atmosphere.

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13People cry before weddings in China

The world over, a wedding celebration is cause for enjoyment and laughter but not in China. A traditional Chinese wedding has some weird customs. A month before the wedding, the bride must cry. She will then be joined by her mother and other family members which is considered a sign of happiness and joy for the future wedding. Now that’s weird.

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14Never use your left hand in the Middle East

In several Middle Eastern countries, it is impolite to use your left hand. This is also in India too where using your left hand to eat or greet someone is considered a sign of rudeness and unhygienic too. It is regarded that since the left hand is used for washing oneself after pooping, then it is dirty and should not be presented as a sign of greeting, eat food or receive a gift too. You must also give and receive money with the right hand.

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15India doesn’t use toilet paper

Throughout India, you will find Indian toilets where people squat and do their business, or western type commodes too which is very common but whatever the type, people won’t use toilet paper because in most bathrooms there will be a small tap with a bucket and mug, or there will be a bidet spray type commode. This is considered a hygienic practice and is also good for toilet drains that won’t get clogged by paper. However, don’t be alarmed because, in most restaurants, hotels and public malls, you will also get a roll of toilet paper meant for tourists.

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