15 Traditions of Different Countries and Cultures That Take the Entire World By Surprise


6In Venezuela, you should arrive late for a party

In Venezuela, if you are invited to an event, such as a meeting or a party, it is a tradition to go later than originally planned.  For Venezuelans, everything even business should be observed in a relaxed atmosphere. For large social events, guests will always arrive late to make a big entrance.

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7Don’t clink glasses before drinking, Hungary

In Hungary, you may be surprised to know that they don’t clink glasses while saying cheers at a bar. This is a tradition that dates back to 1848 when The Hungarian revolution was defeated by Austria and it was celebrated by the clinking of glasses. As a protest to that, Hungarians have not been clinking glasses for the last 150 years.

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8Getting bitten by bullet ants, Brazil

This is by far one of the most bizarre coming of age traditions in the world. Young adolescent boys from the Satere Mauwe tribe in the Amazonian rainforest of Brazil have to undergo one of the most painful coming of age ceremonies to prove themselves fit for manhood. They will wear gloves that have been filled with one of the most deadly insects on the planet, red bullet ants.  A bite is extremely painful and may even cause many to faint. The boys will have to wear gloves and then perform a ritual dance with the spiritual leader of the tribe.

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9Bungee jumping for a good harvest, Vanuatu

In Pentecost Island Vanuatu, there is a ritual for ensuring a good harvest season.  Men will have to jump off tall wooden towers with nothing on except the sturdy vines tied to their ankles much like a bungee rope. The belief is that when a man performs a good, land dive, it will improve his physical health and also bring him good luck for the harvest.

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10Singles wear funny hats in France

The 25th of November is celebrated as Sainte Catherine’s day in France. St Catherine is considered the patron saint of single unmarried women and to commemorate the day; those unmarried women who are 25 years old will have to wear green and yellow hats that are a symbol of wisdom and faith. There are mixed reasons for celebrating St Catherine’s day. While some celebrate their single status others will do it in hopes of getting a husband soon.

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