15 Traditions of Different Countries and Cultures That Take the Entire World By Surprise


Everyone who visits a new place or country in the world for the first time does invariably get a culture shock. It’s not unusual. There are many places on the planet with cultures and traditions so extreme that many may even get disoriented at the disparity of it all. Take for example when travelling to Egypt; it is weird to know that an Egyptian bride gets pinched by her friends before her wedding to get good luck. There are many traditions and quite a few may even teach us a thing or two about hygiene, family and society. Take a look at 15 of them.

1No using the bathroom after marriage, Indonesia

In Tidong, Indonesia couples who are married won’t be allowed to go to the bathroom for three days after the ceremony. The reason for this is that it is considered bad luck if they do. Family members watch over the newlyweds to make sure they do not break traditions and to enable them to do so, they are only fed small amounts of food and water. Imagine that!!

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2In Maasai People greet by spitting

Spitting is considered unhygienic and rude in most parts of the world but not in Masai Kenya. The Masai tribe greet and show respect to each other by spitting. They will first spit into their hands and then offer a handshake. This is also done to newborn babies and new brides as a sign of blessing and good luck.

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3Don’t gift a yellow rose, Mexico

Everyone loves roses as a gift especially women and anywhere in the world too. But when you are in Mexico, never think of giving a yellow rose to anyone because that is a symbol of death in Mexican culture. Just stick to red roses which are traditional and safe.

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4In Germany, they smash plates before a wedding

Germans observe a tradition called Polterabend where a few weeks before a wedding, the guests invited will bring pottery and smash it at the couple’s home. It is the duty of the bride and groom to clean up the mess soon after. The cleaning is considered part of the tradition that signifies good luck and teamwork together which will be good for their upcoming marriage.

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5Throwing cinnamon on single people, Denmark

This tradition has been around in Denmark since the 16th century. It still persists today. On an adult person’s birthday, if they are still single, their friends will shower them with cinnamon. This is a tradition that is related to Danish spice merchants who would be so busy in their trade that they would never have time to marry.

Image Source: bestie.vn

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