11 Clothing Colors That Reveal Your Personality According to Psychologists



Pink is mainly the color for girls clothing and toys like Barbie dolls. But, girls of a more mature age prefer tender shades of pink as it represents ultimate femininity. Soft pink signifies femininity, warmth, and calmness and is also considered to be one of the most powerful sedatives. Some prisons have cell walls painted pink to reduce the level of aggression of the inmates.

Psychologists say that people who prefer pink have an optimistic, self-righteous, and romantic type of personality. These kinds of people tend to appreciate kindness and comfort more than anything else.

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Red symbolizes power and passion. This color is best suited for when you are going to impress or persuade somebody. A person wearing any brighter shades of red will automatically draw attention towards them. This vibrant color is usually associated with energy, excitement, and movement.

As per psychologists from the University of Rochester, men find women to be more attractive when they wear a ruby tint. Abby Calisch, a psychology professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, says that this is because “red is a stimulant for men”. People who prefer red have an easily excitable and bright personality. But, they can even be a bit addiction-prone, and slightly self-centered.

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According to scientists from the University of Amsterdam, the green color sustains a good mood within you as well as your surroundings. The green color is attributed to nature and this causes a feeling of peace, pleasantness, and contempt. People who choose the color green generally lead an active public life, are financially stable and live in a good area. They have a soft heart and are very caring and kind.

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Brown is regarded as the color of the earth. It is considered to symbolize, strength, stability, and reliability. People who wear brown and its different shades are perceived in this sense by others.


People who choose to wear brown are a bit conservative. They are respectful towards their elders and always look for strength, peace, and stability in everything. Anyone wearing brown clothing gives the impression of an intelligent, rational, and reliable person.

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