11 Clothing Colors That Reveal Your Personality According to Psychologists


David Zyla, stylist and author of the book- “Color Your Style”, claims that people always give a greater preference to one particular clothing color despite having a wardrobe filled with a variety of colors and shades because they feel more comfortable and confident in it. In fact, their personal preference can be the very color that reflects their character.

Many experts have also reviewed this concept and have revealed how your favorite color can tell you a lot about your personality.

1 White

White symbolizes purity, simplicity, innocence, and freedom. When starting something new in life or entering a new chapter, people usually buy something white or wear white color clothing.


People who prefer white are more optimistic and free-spirited. They are neat and organized in everything they do. They like starting new things and are perfectionists. Generally, white can be worn by all different personality types since it is a neutral color which rarely repels others.

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Blue signifies confidence and reliability making it the perfect color to wear to an interview. Interestingly, many business suits and working uniforms are blue in color. According to a study conducted by scientists of the University of British Columbia, darker shades of the blue color have an influential calming effect.

The color blue has been associated with tranquility, efficiency, trust, and intelligence. People with a shy, courteous, sympathetic, and kind personality, often prefer choosing blue shades of clothing. As per psychologists, a person in blue has the qualities to become an exemplary worker or a wonderful parent. Two of the most common qualities found in these types of people are calmness and poise.

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Psychological research on the black color has revealed that black is perceived as an indicator of prestige, seriousness, intelligence, and power. In many European universities, black is the color chosen for the graduation mantle. People who prefer wearing black clothing are ambitious and purposeful, but can also be sensitive.


They often try to hide the fact that they are emotional and easily excitable. Since internal qualities of a person are most important to them the black color helps them switch the attention of surroundings from their appearance to their personality.

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Stylists call gray the color of balance as it is neither dark nor bright. People who want to remain invisible prefer wearing mainly gray clothing. The color itself is a symbol of dimensionality, maturity, and tranquility.

Gray suits are mainly worn by many middle-aged men, while gray dresses are worn by middle-aged women. It is a bit difficult to characterize a person who prefers the color gray since it is mostly a neutral color. People with a liking for this color can either be a less emotional, categorical, and judicious person, or they may conversely be a gray mouse who always obeys the rules silently. However, the ones who prefer gray are mainly those who dislike attracting attention and try to remain neutral.


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