15 Reasons Why Men Adore Women With Short Hair


When it comes to hairstyles both men and women have a ton of options to choose from. Today, we’re going to be looking at women’s hairstyles and especially the short ones and why men love it. Yes, contrary to popular belief the men of the new generation do love women who tend to keep their hair short, but why?

Here are some reasons why men love women with short hair. Something you might want to look at before you go for your next hair appointment.

1It shows off your face

Women with short hair have the advantage to put their faces on proper display all the time. With long hair, you have to constantly rearrange it while taking photos. But, women with short hair just need to pose. There is no constant rearranging your hair before you take a photo and people can see your entire face easily.


Image Source: scstylecaster

2It requires less maintenance

It’s a known fact that the lesser the hair you have the easier time you will have maintaining it. This does not just apply to men it also applies to women. You will be saving a fortune and your boyfriend or spouse will not have to wait hours outside the salon for you.


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3You will require fewer products

This is a known fact that people with short hair require fewer products to keep their hair looking good compared to people with long hair. Also, keep in mind that the products you do use will last you longer as you will be using less of it as your hair is short and will not require a lot of product.


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4It gets you more attention

Let’s face the facts; women with short hair are incredibly eye-catching. There is something quite unique about it. It helps you stand out more. People will notice you better and most men love having their girlfriends or spouses noticed. People also will love to talk about how you keep your hair so short and looking good.


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5Your neck and jawline is on display

The problem with long hair is that it covers a bit of your face and a lot of your neck. Women who want to show off their necks should keep a short hairstyle. Long hair can look incredible if maintained properly but it can be distracting if you have an incredible jawline or neck.


Image Source: teenvogue.com


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