14 Reasons Why Ben Affleck Deserves One More Chance


Ben Affleck is one of the most talented actors of Hollywood but at present, nothing seems to be going right for the Daredevil actor, whether it is his personal life or professional life. What disturbs his fans and well-wishers is the fact that there is still a lot remaining for Ben to achieve and he is fully capable to achieve that if he makes a comeback. There have been quite a few comebacks and those actors/directors have shine like stars in the sky after they got a second chance. There are many reasons for us to support Ben Affleck for a comeback and making it big again in Hollywood and we are going to share some of them with you:

1He is talented:

There is no denying the fact that Ben Affleck is a very talented actor and a director as well. He still has a great fan following and his fans will love to see him again on the big screen. He has contributed a lot to the modern cinema and nobody can take that away from him.

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2His previous work:

Ben has worked in some really good movies and he has also won awards for his performances such as Academy Awards for Good Will Hunting and Argo. He has been appreciated in many other movies as well, though he has given some flops also but most of his movies have been profitable ventures for the producers.

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3Jennifer Garner will always support him:

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may have separated now but one thing is for sure that Jennifer will always be there to support Ben whenever he will need it. Jennifer and Ben were married for 10 years and all this time, she has stood behind Ben like a solid rock and she will still do that as he is the father of their 3 kids.

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4Ben Affleck and his kids:

Ben will never like to be proved weak in front of his kids as they are his whole world and he would like to be their super dad. We are absolutely sure that Ben may not try hard for himself but he will leave no stone turn in making it big again for his kids.

Ben Affleck and his kids:


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5Matt Damon is always there for his friend:

Everyone knows that friendships didn’t last longer in Hollywood and a person is really lucky if he has a true friend. Ben can also be called quite a lucky person as he has one person whom he call his friend and he will always be there for him. We are talking about Matt Damon who is a real good friend of Ben.


Matt Damon is always there for his friend:

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