10 Rare And Cute Photos of the World’s Most Famous People When They Were Children


5 Bill Gates

One of the biggest names in the world and certainly one of the cute baby photos of famous people, Gates is a multi-billionaire and the co-founder of Microsoft which is now past 40 years old. He is also one of the world’s most acknowledged philanthropists after setting up the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Born in Seattle, Gates studied law but after receiving his first computer in high school, his life would change forever.

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4 Beyonce Knowles-Carter

One of the most famous celebrities in the music world, Beyonce Knowles-Carter made millions selling albums as part of the group Destiny’s child till she decided to go solo. Born in Houston, Texas Beyonce was encouraged by her parents in song and dance from a young age. Her singing abilities led to her sweeping all the awards at local talent competitions, she went on to form her first group called Girl’s Tyne with Kelly Rowland and Latavia Roberson.


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3 Warren Buffett

He is the CEO of countless of companies and was even listed as the world’s richest person in 2008. Warren Buffet was raised in Omaha, Nebraska and was the son of Congressman Howard Buffet and his wife Leila. Buffet made his first business profit at 15 years of age when he invested in a company that made pinball machines.


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2 Katy Perry

The pop sensation that took rocked fans worldwide for a decade, Katy Perry is one of the richest women of pop music today. She has had multiple golds and platinums too.


Born in 1984 in Santa Barbara, California, Perry was originally born Katheryn Hudson to a pastor couple of the Pentecostal church. She had a strict religious upbringing and in serving others, her parents would forego their own needs even ending up on welfare at times. Thus Perry’s childhood was a struggle but today, money is the least worry on her mind.

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1 Barack Obama

Among baby photos of famous people, who needs to even introduce this icon of the modern world? Barack Obama was President of the US for two terms but he certainly left an impression on the people. Bothe he and his equally charming and popular wife Michelle will forever be remembered fondly as one of Americas’ most loved first couples.

As a child Obama was raised in Honolulu Hawaii and earned his college scholarship at the age of 11. Although his early life was an initial struggle, his resilience and determination paid off to making him what he is now today.


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