10 Rare And Cute Photos of the World’s Most Famous People When They Were Children


Watching baby photos of adults is much cuter than watching them when they are babies. Everyone is proud of their child and a baby even more but you have to admit, only when that little baby turns an adult can his or her baby photos induce a sense of nostalgia and a heartwarming feeling that your baby is now all grown up. Celebrities too face that awkward situation of a doting mother posting baby pics of them on social media. Take a look at 10 rare baby photos of famous people.

10 Kate Middleton

Now known as the Duchess of Cambridge, she may soon be the most important woman in the world. Kate Middleton married Prince William the duke of Cambridge in 2011. She was born in Reading, England on 9th January 1982. Both her parents worked in British Airways. Her Father Michael worked as a flight dispatcher and her mother Carole worked as a flight attendant. In England, Kate did her primary schooling in St Andrews Berkshire.


Image Source: www.hellomagazine.com

9 Mark Zuckerberg

He is worth $42.5 billion and one of the richest men in the world. Zuckerberg launched Face book while studying in Harvard. Zuckerberg had a normal childhood and was raised in New York City along with his three sisters. He was the biggest standout in his class at Ardsley High School. Zuckerberg is proficient in five languages and was the captain of the schools fencing team.


Image Source: www.successstory.com

8 Bradley Cooper

The sexy star of movies like hangover, American Hustle and Sniper, Bradley Cooper was also nominated for an Oscar in three consecutive years. Raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cooper attended Villanova University. His father worked as a stockbroker in Merril Lynch while his mother worked for an NBC affiliate of the area.


Image Source: www.poshfashionnews.com

7 Kanye West

He is more famous as the husband of Kim Kardashian than he is as a singer. Although you can’t deny that he has made millions from his singing career. Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1977, his father was one of the first African American photographers for the Atlanta Journal–Constitution. Kanye also spent time in China where he lived with his mother who worked in a social organization for education. Kanye was a proud college dropout.


Image Source: www.kingpiggy.com

6 Brad Pitt

This hunk needs no introduction. With 5 Oscar nominations and an incredible movie career, Pitt has been a household Hollywood name for over 20 years.


Brad had a country upbringing in Springfield Missouri where he attended Kickapoo High School. Instead of University, he chose to pursue a career in acting and the rest you know is history.

Image Source: www.celebritiestan.com


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