12 Movie Scenes That Actors Would Like To Forget Like a Bad Nightmare


Acting is not an easy job and more often than not, actors have to move out of their own comfort zones in order to make a scene, their emotions and feelings more realistic. They need to go beyond themselves to look natural where viewers won’t suspect it is not. That is what makes a good movie where viewers in spite of knowing it is a movie are overwhelmed with the drama unfolding on screen. Only good acting can invoke such a response but this dedication by actors doesn’t mean they actually liked doing what they did. Sometimes, it can be a nightmare for actors to shoot such scenes like these 12 which were challenging and detestful for them.

1Sharon Stone — Basic Instinct

The interrogation scene where Sharon Stone crosses and uncrosses her legs have gone on to become famous in Hollywood history as completely erotic but Stone never even knew how this would look before the final cut. Director Paul Verhoeven even convinced her to take off her underwear promising her that nothing would be seen. However after the premier, Stone was shocked and it is said that she gave Verhoeven a tight slap on his face.

Sharon Stone — Basic Instinct

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2Taylor Lautner — The Twilight Saga

There were a number of scenes in The Twilight Saga where Taylor Lautner was required to go bare body because of the nature of his character as a wolf. However Lautner didn’t really like the idea of having to go naked in front of the camera and revealed in an interview that if given a choice he would have never taken off his shirt. He wanted his viewers to pay more attention to his acting than his physical looks.

Taylor Lautner — The Twilight Saga

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3Kate Winslet — Titanic

Remember the painting scene where jack paints Rose naked wearing only the diamond necklace? It was actually quite hard for Winslet who even felt very awkward undressing in front of her friend Leonardo DiCaprio. What even made it worse was a number of her fans asking her to autograph her naked photos which she refused to sign saying she was a mother of 3 kids and took her acting seriously.

Kate Winslet — Titanic

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4Jim Carrey — Kick-Ass 2

In 2013, Jim Carey played an unusual role in Kickass 2 as a superhero named Colonel Stars and Stripes. Carey later admitted that he was absolutely ashamed of playing the character and taking part in the violent scenes which he though were inappropriate in spite of the movie being an action comedy.

Jim Carrey — Kick-Ass 2

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