15 Of The Most Awkward Celebrity Photos Of 2019


6Jude Law

Everyone knows that Hollywood parties are something to behold. There is practically unlimited drinking and smoking here. Judging by the redness of his face we can safely say that Jude Law has had a lot to have at this particular party. He even has that disheveled appearance that is the universal sign of partying a bit too hard.

Jude Law

Image Source: popsugar.com

7Tom Holland

There is no image of this particular incident but the actor himself has said this was true. During the Disney and Sony argument over who gets to keep Spiderman in 2019, the actor took it upon himself to solve things. Tom Holland drunk-dialed a Disney CEO with a plea to save Spiderman. There is no recording of this conversation which everyone would’ve loved to hear but in interviews, he has confirmed that the telephone exchange did happen.

Tom Holland

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

8Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp over the years has created this persona around himself that people just accept the way he behaves in public. Unfortunately, the actor has struggled with addiction and has had his fair share of demons. This photo of him at an event is more than telling of his situation. He seems lost and a bit intoxicated.

Johnny Depp

Image Source: cloudinary.com

9John Boyega

The leading man for the new ‘Star Wars’ franchise is a bit clumsy. It was reported that while staying at a hotel the actor misplaced the script for the new ‘Star Wars’ movie which was later found by a cleaning lady. Not knowing just how valuable this was she posted it on eBay for just $84. Thankfully the production company was able to get it back before leaks were revealed.

John Boyega

Image Source: twimg.com

10Adam Sandler

Currently, there is nothing but praises for Adam Sandler after his incredible performance in the 2019 movie ‘Uncut Gems’. Regardless of his turn to the serious side of acting the star is still his goofy self in public. As you can see he is here with the tongue out and acting erratically as always.

Adam Sandler

Image Source: jovemnerd.com.br


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