13 Ways Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex Has Challenged Royal Tradition


5She has been married before

Prince Harry isn’t Meghan Markle’s first husband. She was married before to film producer Trevor Engelson and this too is another important factor that marks her unique entry into the royal family. Princess Margaret was discouraged from marrying singer Pete Townsend as he was divorced.

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6Marrying divorcees is morally not allowed

Marrying divorcees is frowned upon in the royal household because the monarch is also the head of the Church of England and is seen as a moral figurehead.  This meant that those who had been married before would not be entertained as prospective brides or husbands for members of the royal family which is why King Edward VIII had to abdicate to marry Wallis Simpson. Meghan and Harry’s marriage shows how the royal family has changed over the years as they have accepted her as a bride for the prince.

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7She was an actor

Meghan was an actor who has played roles in movies like Hollywood Bosses and the television series ‘Suits” for several seasons.   This factor means she is part of the group of women who have married into the royal family and with a background of various careers to their credit. Sophie the Countess of Wessex was a PRO before marrying Prince Edward. Hollywood actress Grace Kelly tied the knot with Prince Rainier of Monaco. Perhaps Meghan is the only actress to have made to to the British royal household.

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8She has a strong work ethic

Meghan has embraced her post as the Duchess of Sussex very well and all because of her form and disciplined work ethic.  She has accepted the number of duties required of her very much like all the princesses of the royal family. Princess Anne is the workhorse of the Royals and is known for her philanthropic activities and social activism. Meghan wakes up at 5am everyday because of her work ethic and because of this some critics have accused her of being too demanding.

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