15 Immortal Things From Princess Diana That Will Live On Forever


11Her advice to her sons

Her advice for her sons was to make sure that the woman they would propose to would see the world for what it was. She said, “Make sure that your chosen one does not have rainbow glasses in front of her eyes” and that she sees the world in its true light. If they didn’t ensure this, even the most sincere love would not last, she said.

Her advice to her sons

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12The women of the royal family

Diana once said that the women of the royal family have been made of steel and concrete. They never get sick, they don’t worry and they don’t have nerves. She jokingly said that they could fulfill their royal duties just half an hour after giving birth or having a heart attack!

The women of the royal family

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13Universal truths

“Men lie less than women, except when they talk about their feelings.” This is something Diana said that is true for most men. They hardly talk about their feelings and when they do, it isn’t always true. She also said that sometimes, women think that a man is the only way to self-realization. She believed work is a better way to self-realization.

Universal truths

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14A role model to women

Diana once said that a bride is the main character only at the wedding. This is why all fairytales end with weddings but none start with weddings. This was her way of saying that marriage is not as blissful as people believe it to be. She said these things that most would not say, so that young girls would take her advice and not make the same mistakes she made.

A role model to women

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15Men not understanding women

“If men had to give birth, none of them would have more than one child.” This statement from the Princess showed how well she understood the mindset of the genders. She knew that the mindset of men towards women would only change if they could feel what women went through while giving birth.

Men not understanding women

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