15 Immortal Things From Princess Diana That Will Live On Forever


Born on the 1st of July, 1961, Diana Frances Spencer did not know how many lives her life would touch and change. Her undying will for activism and glamour made her one of the biggest icons in the world. She helped educate people and spread awareness about AIDS and HIV.

She spent her life trying to use her powers to do good not only for the people of England but also for the world and she was very successful in her endeavors. Apart from her willingness to help others, she was also known to be extremely photogenic which made her a fashion icon in the 1980s and 1990s.

1The queen of hearts

Diana said it herself – “I would like to be the queen of your hearts, but I cannot imagine being the queen of this country”. Indeed, she was always viewed as the beloved Princess, who was seen among the people of the country. She was no high and mighty queen. She was about as down-to-earth as a royal can be.

The queen of hearts

Image Source: www.hellomagazine.com

2The goal of her life

Nothing gave her more happiness than helping vulnerable people. Diana called this her life’s goal. She even believed it to be her fate. In her time as a royal, she helped innumerable people and charities. She even said that people in distress could call her and she would be there to help them.

The goal of her life

Image Source: www.rd.com

3A hugger

“Hugs can do a lot of good, especially for children.” In most pictures of Diana meeting people, you will see her hugging them. This is because she took her own advice seriously. She loved hugging people and believed it could truly make people feel better. Children love to be hugged and she loved t too. This advice can be taken even today.

A hugger

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4She understood people

“The biggest disease of this century is that people are offended”. She said this in the 1980s when memes were not even a thing yet. We all know how true this is. People get offended at jokes and memes that are not harmful in nature. She recognized this problem during her lifetime. She believed in free speech and often said whatever she wanted.

She understood people

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5Truly good advice

Diana once said, “Living in a cocoon is very difficult. But it is scary to leave.” This is true for everyone. We all have our comfort zones and we stick to it no matter how bad the condition. This is because we are scared of doing hard work and finding better conditions. So we just stay in our cocoons.

Truly good advice

Image Source: www.childrenwithcancer.org.uk


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