Have A Look At 15 Hollywood Celebs In Their Prom Photos, Which One Is Your Favorite?


There is no doubt that school life is the best part of our lives and attending prom night with a date is a dream of almost every student. Prom night is the dance night which is organized by the juniors for their high school seniors and no one likes to go for this dance without a date.

Just like the common students, the Hollywood celebrities also went for their prom night with their dates and after going through photos of some of the celebrities of their prom night, we have to admit that they looked super cool and cute.

Here are the photos of your favorite actors from their prom night with their photos of today:


1George Clooney

George Clooney, the American actor and movie maker who has been adorned with many awards and recognitions has also been called as the Sexiest man alive by a magazine.  He used to look quite dashing in his school days and undoubtedly, the girl who went on prom with him was very lucky.  

Image Source: brightside.me

2Bruce Willis

This Die Hard actor is one of the most popular Hollywood actors of his time and people of all age groups love him a lot. He is not just an actor but a producer and a singer as well and here is a photo of him from his school days in which he can be seen with a lady. However, it is very difficult to believe that we are watching the same person.

Image Source: intermedia.ge

3Jeremy Renner

Jeremy has worked in many movies but he is best known for his work in the Avengers series. He is one of the most handsome actors of Hollywood and was quite a charmer in his school days as well. His hairstyle and his smile would have been more than enough to impress girls in his school days, what do you say?

Image Source: slonn.me


The beautiful lady is one of the most popular and loved singers of all time and in her career, she has sold over more than 100 million albums and the counting is still going on. Here is the photo of the gorgeous singer-actor with her date on the prom night.

Image Source: telegraf.com.ua

5Britney Spears

Britney is a multi-talented personality as she is a singer, dancer, songwriter and actress as well. She is the one who revived the teen pop in the early 2000s and it earned her the title of Princess of Pop. The first two studio albums of Britney were so successful that she becomes the most successful and best selling teenage performer of all time.

Image Source: fizzl.ru

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