16 Handsome Hollywood Men Who Have Aged Like Fine Wine


Age and Hollywood don’t really look eye to eye. This is a known fact in the entertainment industry is that the best years for an entertainer are the early ones when they are young. This is when they have the most energy and look their best. As they get older and greyer, things start to fade away for them.

But, there are a number of male actors in Hollywood that have a sort of Benjamin Button effect where they get better as they grow older. Not only do they look better but they even act and perform better than they did in their youth.

1Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington was born in 1954! Yes, you read that right! He is 65 years old and looks no older than 35. This action star has been a heartthrob for decades and he is not going to stop any time soon. He doesn’t even have any visible wrinkles! Maybe a kind heart is the fountain of youth.

Denzel Washington

Image Source: washington.com

2George Clooney

Talking about the fountain of youth, here is the man who drank all of it! George Clooney is 60 years old too and is undoubtedly one of the most handsome men in the world. He seems to get more and more charming as time passes. In 2017, he had twins with wife AmalAlamuddin.

George Clooney

Image Source: fortune.com

3Hugh Jackman

This Australian charmer is the embodiment of Australian charm. He is most well-known for his role as Wolverine in the ‘X-Men’ universe. He is over 50 but looks insanely fit and healthy. He has delivered some truly fantastic performances throughout his career. He is also a producer and a singer!

Hugh Jackman

Image Source: minutemedia.com

4Robert Downey Jr.

Talking about superheroes and comic books, here is everyone’s favorite superhero, Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. lost his position in Hollywood due to his drug addiction problems. But he made a comeback and worked harder than ever. He landed the role of Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man in the MCU and he has become one of the most famous actors in the world since then! He’s 54 years old by the way!

Robert Downey Jr.

Image Source: vox.com


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