8 Costliest and Exotic Pets of Famous Celebrities


There is no denying the fact that keeping a pet at home requires a great deal of responsibility and surely it has its own benefits too. Pets bring vibrancy and happiness in our lives and most of us start treating them as family members rather than pets. However, some celebrities take their pet love to a next level and they spent huge bucks on their upbringing. Some celebrities like to keep unusual pets such as turtle, octopus, etc, and the amount that they spent on them is so big that some of us may not earn that amount in our whole lives.

1Singer Usher and his Goldendoodle:

The singer Usher is one of the most loved artists and but he is also madly in love with his Goldendoodle pup, Scarlett. This pup came in Usher’s life in 2012 when the singer won it in an auction for $12,000. The payment was made to Pencils of Promise, an organization which works with the aim of providing education to all by building schools, especially in the developing countries.

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Source of unconditional love:

Usher has stated that Scarlett is a source of unconditional love in his life and she has always been there for him even in the hardest times. Goldendoodle is a designer breed which is a cross of two breeds – golden retriever and poodle. It is also called as Groodle in Australia.

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2Lady Gaga and Koi fish:

Lady Gaga, the American singer and songwriter who is also an actress doesn’t mind spending a huge amount of money on her Koi fish. In the year 2013, Lady Gaga underwent hip surgery in which a tear of her hip was repaired. In order to entertain herself during the recovery, she did something which may be difficult to believe for a common man.

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Dreaming about Koi fish:

As per the reports, she got 27 Koi fish shipped from Japan for the big tank she got installed in her home. She did all this in order to watch koi fish while recovering from the surgery. The singer said that she dreamed about the fish so she asked her team to install a tank and arrange fish for it. It is being said that the expenditure done on this whole exercise was more than $40,000.

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