Celebrities Who Unintentionally Destroyed Their Careers In 2019


6Jordyn Woods

Most people hanging around the Kardashians just want to become famous. But Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods really blew it. In February 2019 she hooked up with Tristian Thompson, KhloeKardashian’s boyfriend and the father of her child. Khloe broke up with Tristan and Jordyn was banished from fame and the spotlight.

Jordyn Woods

Image Source: www.lifeandstylemag.com

7Bryan Singer

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ may have won awards and hearts but something dark was at play. The director Bryan Singer was exposed as a pedophile and a sex offender in 2019. Victims came forward and accused him of forcing them to do things, some even underage. Fox fired him as the director but he still got the credit.

Bryan Singer

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8Robert Kraft

The owner of New England Patriots, entrepreneur Robert Kraft was one of the 200 people arrested after raids on massage parlors. The operation was one related to human trafficking. Robert was charged with two counts of soliciting. Among the many celebrities exposed, this was one of the most sinister.

Robert Kraft

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R&B singer R. Kelly was videotaped doing sinister things. Since then, many other girls have come forward and accused him of grooming them. He was charged with multiple things and his career is essentially over. This is proof that even people in the public eye can be doing horrible things behind closed doors.


Image Source: variety.com

10Adnan Virk

The ESPN employee was fired in 2019 after being accused of leaking confidential information to the press. He didn’t cooperate with the investigation either. He confessed to the leaks but told The Washington Post that it was a “one-time thing”. He won’t be getting a high-profile job anytime soon.

Adnan Virk

Image Source: thecomeback.com


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