Celebrities Who Unintentionally Destroyed Their Careers In 2019


Celebrities are no longer just people who entertain us. We put them on a high pedestal where they influence us and are our role models. However, this gives them power, power that normal people do not have and do not understand.

‘With great powers come great responsibilities’. This is a quote we should all live by even celebs. There are many celebs who ruined their careers and reputations because they left their ego, power, and greed get to their heads. Here are some famous celebrities who ruined their careers in 2019.

1Lori Loughlin

Lori played ‘Aunt Becky’ on the hit sitcom ‘Full House’. This year she fell from grace hard. In March 2019, a nationwide college admissions scandal, known as Operation Varsity Blues was exposed. Many celebs were arrested. Lori paid $500,000 to get both her daughters into the University of Southern California. She was fired from all her projects.

Lori Loughlin

Image Source: consequenceofsound.net

2Felicity Huffman

Another celebrity parent who was arrested in the college admissions scandal was Felicity Huffman. All her awards and recognitions went down the drain when she decided to pay money to get her daughter’s wrong answers corrected in entrance exams. Her career is destroyed and she was arrested along with husband William Macy.

Felicity Huffman

Image Source: huffman.com

3Jussie Smollett

He is famous for playing ‘Jamal’ on the hit TV drama ‘Empire’. In 2019, he was accused of falsely staging a hate crime against himself. He faced 16 charges but all were dropped. But the city of Chicago filed a civil lawsuit against him and he was dropped from ‘Empire’. He won’t be seen again on any screen.

Jussie Smollett

Image Source: assets.com

4Lara Spencer

Sometimes people say really dumb things but get away with it. For Lara that didn’t happen. The ‘Good Morning America’ anchor thought it was appropriate to make fun of 6-year-old Prince George for enjoying ballet and dance. She bullied the adorable boy and the Internet gave it back to her. She was forced to apologize for her comments. She wasn’t fired but her career won’t bounce back.

Lara Spencer

Image Source: aol.com

5Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has always been a bit of a joke but this year he really blew it. He claimed that he taught Drake everything he knew – calling him “Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair” in a song. He accused Drake of stealing songs and Ariana Grande of stealing the flow from his song. He insulted Kanye for his political views and even insulted the Army.

Soulja Boy

Image Source: townsquare.media


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