16 Photos That Show You Things About Our World You Did Not Know Existed


5The English Lop’s large ears

The English Lop is a fancy species of domestic rabbit that was developed through selective breeding. It was developed in England during the 19th century and is considered to be the oldest breed of domestic rabbits. It is known for its unusually large and floppy ears. This gives it a very cute appearance and is a favorite pet among children.

The English Lop’s large ears

Image Source: litlestuff.com

6The Galápagos tortoise

As the name suggests, this species of tortoise can be found in the Galápagos Islands. This particular species holds two world records – one for being the largest species of tortoise and the other is for being the longest living of all vertebrates in the world. Some of the tortoises still alive weigh up to 417 kilos or 919 lb.

The Galápagos tortoise

Image Source: galapagosconservation.org.uk

7A golf ball?

That looks exactly like a golf ball, especially when placed on the tee like that. But guess what? That isn’t a golf ball at all! That is actually a mushroom. Mushrooms are known to be white and fluffy but they can also come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. However, most mushrooms are not edible and may even be poisonous. So never touch a wild mushroom.

A golf ball?

Image Source: ribalych.ru

8The stag beetle’s antlers

The stag beetle is named thus because the male of the species has a powerful upper jaw that resembles the antlers of a stag. They spend a large part of their lives underground, leaving only to mate and reproduce. They are harmless and spectacular to watch. Their antlers can easily crush a few things.


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