16 Photos That Show You Things About Our World You Did Not Know Existed


We all were taught a lot about our world in school and college but there a few things we did not know existed and if not for the Internet, we would never have known that. Did you know what an emu’s eggs look like or how big the English Lop’s ears are?

We have collected a few incredible images that show you things about our world that you probably did not know about it. We hope this helps broaden your knowledge about the world and helps you learn something new.

1This pigeon has style

Most of us have probably never seen a pigeon with curled feathers, right? Well, here is your chance! This is a totally normal pigeon except its feathers are beautifully curly. We don’t know whether this causes any problems for the pigeon or not, but we hope not. Nature really is capable of doing wonderfully strange things.

This pigeon has style   

Image Source: ribalych.ru

2These dinosaur skulls

In this picture, the skull on the left belongs to the Triceratops and the skull on the right belongs to the Centrosaurus. The Triceratops was a species of dinosaur that lived about 68 million years ago in what is now North Africa. The Centrosaurus was found in Canada about 75.5 million years ago. Both were herbivorous.

These dinosaur skulls

Image Source: redd.it

3Basket fungus

Ileodictyoncibarium is also known as basket fungus. It is primarily found in New Zealand and Australia, but can also be found in England, Chile, and Africa. Many people have probably never seen this before though it is quite common in some places. The rare shape and design makes it look manmade but nature is a great artist too.

Basket fungus

Image Source: ribalych.ru

4Emu eggs

The Emu is a large bird, similar to an ostrich. So quite obviously, it will have large eggs like the ostrich, right? Yes, the eggs are large (about a pound each) but the shell has an absolutely gorgeous color. This color is something like teal, which many people love in their home furnishings.

Emu eggs

Image Source: instagram.com


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