15 Maps That Tell You The Answer To “What’s Happening In This World?”


11Countries which have heads with facial hair:

Maps can be used in a very creative manner just like this map which shows those countries which have heads with facial hair. Despite the fact that beard is in fashion nowadays, the majority of the male leaders seem to prefer remaining clean shaven.

Countries which have heads with facial hair:

Image Source: chzbgr.com

12Penguin distribution:

Penguins are aquatic flightless birds and they are found mostly in southern hemisphere. They are very much comfortable in only those places which have snow and are very cold. The map below will define the global distribution of penguins in this world.

Penguin distribution:

Image Source: livejournal.com

13The map of Great Lakes:

The Great Lakes or the Great Lakes of North America, these lakes which are in North America are interconnected with each other and if we talk by the area, then they are the largest group of fresh water lakes on the Earth. Here is a map of Great Lakes with depth.

The map of Great Lakes:

Image Source: townnews.com

14An Arctic fox covered the distance of 2,175 mi (3,500 km):

The researchers were in for a big surprise when they tracked an Arctic fox which travelled the cumulative distance of 3500 km approx. in 76 days. She covered big areas of ice and glaciers and her maximum movement rate was 155 km/day which has been recorded as the fastest movement rate (https://polarresearch.net/index.php/polar/article/view/3512).

An Arctic fox covered the distance of 2,175 mi (3,500 km):

Image Source: animalencyclopedia.info

15Metal bands per one million people:

Metal bands are those music bands that play heavy metal music which is kind of loud and aggressive style of music. Here is a map which will let you know about the density of metal bands in European countries and the number of metal bands per one million people.

Metal bands per one million people

Image Source: quora.net


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