15 Maps That Tell You The Answer To “What’s Happening In This World?”


There is no denying the fact that Geography is one of the most boring subjects that we study in our school times, especially when we have to remember the maps of the different areas. However, these maps can be a great source of learning in a fun manner if the perspective of studying the maps is changed to a little extent. We just need to look at things in a different manner and they will be quite exciting and enjoyable.

Here are some maps which are quite interesting and educational as well:

1Countries where people have no faith in vaccines:

The Wellcome Global Monitor has collected the data which defines the percentage of people residing in different countries who have no faith in the vaccines. In simple words, such parents believe that these vaccines are completely ineffective and the majority of such people is found in Liberia (28%), France (18%) and Nigeria (16%).

Countries where people have no faith in vaccines:


2The Chinese Vertical World Map:

We all have been habitual of watching the world maps as per which Arctic and Antarctic are at the edges of the world but a map was designed by the Chinese which was drawn in vertical shape. This map not only shows us the world in a different perspective but it also gives us an idea about the ambition of the China (https://www.arctictoday.com/chinas-arctic-plans-represent-new-way-looking-world/).

The Chinese Vertical World Map:

Image Source: preview.redd.it


3The Chinese-Russia border and population densities over there:

Russia and China seems to be divided by Amur river and while the Chinese side looks pretty well occupied, the Russian side has lots of open land. The online users are of the opinion that immigration must be taking place from China’s side as it has the biggest population in the world and it needs more and more land.

The Chinese-Russia border and population densities over there:

Image Source: twimg.com


4Chernobyl disaster and the route of its cloud:

The unfortunate Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear accident by nature; it took place on 26 April 1986 at a nuclear reactor located in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant which is nearby to Pripyat city, Ukraine. Here you can see the route through which the radioactive cloud moved in Europe.


5Longest walking distance on Google Maps:

A user has found the longest walking distance of 21, 212 km on the Google maps which is from Cape Town, South Africa to Vladivostok in Russia. As per the user, it will take 14 months to cover the complete distance if a person walks for 10 hours a day.

Longest walking distance on Google Maps:

Image Source: instagram.com


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